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Burn-Off Oven is an alternative to cleaning industrial parts while providing an environmental friendly process and being completely reliable. Burn-Off Oven process can remove oil, plastic, powder coating and paint from a metal material letting you re-use them for their initial intended purpose.

How it Works

Heat cleaning burn-off ovens have been used for decades to remove varnish, powder coating, paint, oil, food, plastics and remove organic material from the surface of industrial parts to a level that can be re-used. It is the most environmentally friendly and economical method for cleaning parts in the automotive, food, manufacturing and many more industries.

Operating at temperatures between 370°C to 480°C (700°F to 900°F) and fuelled by natural or propane gas they will strip organic material from metal parts, this process is called pyrolysis or burning without ignition. Parts to be cleaned using the Burn-Off Oven are placed on racks, in steel baskets or on roll-out cart beds and then placed in the oven. 

Benefits of this process

No hazardous waste removal problems
Environmentally friendly
Can safely remove compounds without damaging the original product
Economically efficient for re-using of parts

Industrial Application

Plastic, Fibre and Chemical Manufacturers
Commercial contract cleaning
Paint and Powder Coating removal
Automotive parts rebuilders and refurbishing
Electric motor parts rebuilders and refurbishing